Many people, like you and me, cannot fathom the opportunity of buying a home. I truly believe as this world is changing and making it possible for single mothers, hard working families, or young entrepreneurs to do what they could not before, that that includes owning their own home. Real estate is an investment for anyone and everyone. Coming from humble roots of a third world country, I have seen the lows, and understand the overwhelming thoughts of approaching the subject. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel when you have an agent you can trust. I am looking out for my clients to the best of my ability.

Also, working with a lender at Gateway Mortgage that implements the Platinum Program is a great incentive I want all of my clients to know about. The Platinum Program is down payment assistance for those who qualify that does not have to be paid back! Even if you are not looking to buy right now, getting pre-approved is FREE and a great way to reflect on your finances and assets to see where you stand.

Ask me about it and take advantage!

Please click on link for more information: Platinum Program flyer

My goal and dream is to help people pursue their’s: buying a home!

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Hannah Rangel

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University student adapting to the professional world with excellence in customer service and complexes throughout the real estate world.

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